2006 Chateau St. Jean Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast

I think you all know that Pinot Noir is not my favorite grape varietal. Most I just pass on by. Some I’ll stop and enjoy. And a few stand out so well that I can tell you what they tasted like weeks after they left my mouth.

This one….

….falls in that middle category. It’s tasty (especially with the carnitas we had tonight), but not one I’ll remember for weeks and weeks. But I wouldn’t kick it out of bed either.

2006 was a rough year for some growers. Late rain during the middle of May made bloom difficult for some varietals. Then extreme heat the third week of July brought its own set of issues. However, from what I’ve tasted Pinot Noir fared pretty well. And this is a good example of great juice from troubled fruit.

Color: Pale garnet and translucent.

Aromas: Perfume, Raspberry, red cherry, earth and after a second swirl: sweet mushroom, rose-water and rosemary.

Flavor: Mostly cherry and a little earth mixed with toasty oak and a good mineral mouthfeel.

Finish: Mild tannins with a slight tart finish that did not linger very long.

Overall, I was pleasantly happy with this wine and I would definitely give it another go around. Good stuff.

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