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Traveling Tuesdays – Robledo Family Winery

Well, I’m back in it! It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to get out and do some wine tasting, but I jumped back in this past week with a visit to Robledo Family Winery in Sonoma. When I first announced that I was doing Traveling Tuesdays, the tweeter (is there such a thing?) for Robledo jumped right in and asked if I was coming for a visit. So, four months later, I finally made it.

I had been once before, but it was nearly four years ago, so many things had changed and I didn’t really remember what the wines tasted like. The story is one of truly pulling oneself up by their bootstraps: With $30 in his pocket and a dream, Reynaldo Robledo came to the U.S. to start a new life. Except for a trip back to marry his wife to Mexico, Mr. Robledo spent all his time in California. He acquired a job with Christian Brothers in Napa Valley and eventually became a manager with the company.

Eventually, he was able to purchase 13 acres of vineyards in Napa Valley’s Carneros region, followed by many acres in Sonoma and Lake counties as well. The family now owns nearly 400 acres of land in the three areas and produce more than a dozen varietals. They remain one of only two latino-owned wineries in all of Northern California and are quite successful.

Walking up to the tasting room, there is this outstanding water feature along with expansive vineyard views and, of course the most important flags…

The tasting room itself is a little difficult to find, but after trying a few doors I found it. Once inside the room is quite large and able to accommodate many guests at one time. We were greeted by Luis Robledo, one of 9 kids of Reynaldo – 9 kids! All the family are involved in the winery in one capacity or another. Luis mans the tasting room, but I’m sure he does much more than that.

The tasting started with a delightful Sauvignon Blanc…









I ended up going home with half a case of the Sauvignon Blanc. I was getting low on bright, refreshing summer wines and the price and flavor were right for the warm months ahead.

Luis also poured Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and a late harvest Sauvignon Blanc to round out the tasting.

Oh and a white port!









There were many more wines available, but they will have to wait for another visit which will definitely happen again.


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Traveling Tuesdays: Adobe Road – Sonoma Tasting Room

Today I visited the Adobe Road tasting room on the historic Sonoma Plaza. My father-in-law had been wanting to visit for some time and we decided to head in. They open at 11 at we were the first customers of the day….

The quaint tasting room is located on the West side of the plaza right in the middle of the block. We were greeted by the very friendly tasting room manager and welcomed in to the room like we were family.

They taste 4 wines for $5 and also have a higher-end flight for $10. A real bargain given the quality of the wine.

I very much enjoyed their Mendocino Grenache which had an awesome retail price of $15.

All the wines were good to very good and are made just over the hill in Petaluma from vineyards throughout Sonoma County and beyond. I also found out that the owner is an avid race car driver and owner of a very successful racing teams in NASCAR and the Rolex Sportscar Series – good stuff!

And in true Sonoma fashion turns out my father-in-law sees the tasting room manager often on the ‘bike path’ walking her dogs. Ahh, small town living. Everyone knows everyone. Maybe not completely true, but it happens a lot.

I would definitely recommend a stop in to the Adobe Road tasting room on the plaza. The wine is great, the atmosphere is inviting and the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and fun. Not to mention the room is open until 7 and you can purchase a bottle and hang out on their back patio. It’s a fantastic Sonoma experience.


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