Marin French Cheese Co. visit leads to coastal day

This morning we discovered that we needed to go to shopping in Novato for some necessities which in turn led us down many a winding road today. We had plans to work on the house (like we’ve been doing for months), but I guess the sun shining and the warm temperatures took us in a different direction.

From Novato we decided to head over to Marin French Cheese Company…


I had always wanted to visit and I heard they had tours of the facility so we took the 20 minute detour. Unfortunately, when we arrived we discovered they aren’t doing tours right now because of renovations. No problem!

We grabbed some cheese and took residence at one of their many picnic benches along the pond….


The cheese was called “Breakfast Cheese”. Perfect since it still wasn’t quite noon.


It was a version of Brie cheese and was nice and creamy. The only thing missing was a bottle of wine (the retail shop sold many, but it was a little early).

Since the tour didn’t happen, we looked at each other and said “Let’s go to Pt. Reyes”! Why not? Right. We had time to kill and procrastinating on household chores seemed like a good idea.We had been once before but it had been years and we didn’t quite remember how far it was. But after about 45 minutes of driving we arrived at the Pt. Reyes Lighthouse.


What we hadn’t planned on and certainly this picture doesn’t show was how cold and windy it was. We were just going 20 minutes from Sonoma initially. So we were totally unprepared for the 25 degree cooler weather. But we dealt with it. It was fun to be spontaneous for a change. Walking down these steps the girls saw a whale. I missed it, but I’m happy for them. Blue Whale migration season is almost over, but the employees had 8 reports of whale sightings today.

That’s all, right? Nope. While at the lighthouse one of the workers said that we just had to go to Chimney Rock and see the Elephant Seals. So, we did…


They were very cool, but we could only stay a few minutes as we had our fill of windy, cold weather. We jumped back in the car and drove the 90 minutes home to temperatures much warmer than we had been in all day.

Most of my time is spent discovering Sonoma County’s wine country, but it was fun to get out and see some of the other things that are out there just a few miles from home. There are many attractions aside from wine and I hope to get to a fair number of them this summer.

Here are some more pics of the day….




“Breakfast Cheese”




Marin French Cheese Company’s facility.







View from bench at Marin French Cheese Co.








My daughter having fun at Marin French Cheese Co.









“South Beach” at Pt. Reyes National Seashore.

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